We are offering Studio Christmas mini sessions
and you are invited!

For many years I made personalised Xmas cards for family and friends. It is always a good reminder to take a recent photo of your children and when it has a fun spin on things – it can become something that people hang on to and treasure rather than being thrown out at the end of Christmas.

This year we have decided to offer our clients the opportunity to do the same.
A chance to get some up to date photos of their kids as well as create something unique and fun to share with those they love.

Each photography session will run for 30 minutes, in this tine you will get to chose a few different digital backgrounds, we will then pose your child/children so that they will fit onto the backgrounds of your choice.

After you book take some time to think about your little ones clothing so that it looks nice and Christmassy and matching each other in colors etc.

mini session advert 2020 2.jpg